Volume 1 December 2009

| November 29, 2009


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  1. Article 1. Carlo Magno. Self-Regulation and Approaches to Learning in English Composition Writing.
  2. Article 2. Alejandro S. Bernardo and Helen T. Gonzales. Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Filipino College Students across Five Disciplines
  3. Article 3. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan. Tagalog-English Code-Switching in English Language Classes: Frequency and Forms
  4. Article 4. Mariel Hope Chen, Paul Jerik Gualberto, and Cheyenne Led Tameta. The Development of Metacognitive Reading Awareness Inventory
  5. Article 5. Paul Ong, Vernice Liao, and Rosee Alimon. Moderating Language and Number of Mathematical Operations In the Relationship between Problem Solving Scores and Learning Strategies
  6. Article 6. Ma. Theresa Carmela E. Kanlapan and Joseph C. Velasco. Constructing a Self-Regulation Scale Contextualized in Writing
  7. Article 7. Shirley Dita. Physical and Topical Structure Analysis of Professional Writing in Inner, Outer, and Expanding Circles of English

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