Volume 15 Issue 3 2020

| December 7, 2020

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  1. Saudi EFL Students’ Beliefs on Communicative Language Teaching
    Paiker Fatima Mazhar Hameed
  2. E-Learning Challenges in Saudi Arabia: Exploration of Factors with Special Reference to EFL
    Fahad Saleh Suleiman Alfallaj
  3. Role of COVID-19-Related Social Media Videos and Messages in English in Triggering Panic Among People in Saudi Arabia: A Study in Pragmatics
    Nasser Mohammed Saleh Al-Sa’egh
  4. Lexical Aspect and the L2 acquisition of English Past Tense Morphology by Saudi EFL Learners
    Ahmed Yahya Almakrob & Nayef Shaie Alotaibi
  5. Advancing Grammatical Accuracy of EFL Students in Web-based Writing
    Abdurrazzag Alghammas
  6. Blended Learning in English and English-Medium Physics Classes Using Augmented Reality, Edmodo, and Tinkercad Media
    Derlina, Aisyah, Nurdin Bukit, Sahyar & Ahdi Hassan

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