Volume 16 Issue 3.2 2021

| March 9, 2021

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  1. English Verse in Saudi University Classrooms: Pedagogical Stylistics as a Tool of Poetic Appreciation
    Sami Algouzi
  2. EFL/ESL Classrooms and the Relevance of Literature: A Critical Study
    Mohammad Mujtaba Ahmad
  3. Multi-ethnic Literature in English Courses: Inclusivity as an Agent of Change in Saudi Universities
    Menia Mohammad Almenia
  4. Ethnic Identity and Foreign Language Learning: A Relationship at Odds?
    Elena V. Kirillina
    Natalya V. Lysanova
    Irina I. Salamatina
    Zhanna V. Strebkova
    Natalia V. Komissarova
  5. Teachers’ Perceptions on Students’ Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and its Impact on their Approaches towards Culturally Teaching Practices
    Rani Gul
    Alia Ayub
    Shumaila Mazhar
    Syed Shahab Uddin
    Masroor Khanum
  6. The Effect of Studying Abroad and Curriculum Internationalization on Global Mindedness of University Students: The Mediating Role of the English Language
    Ahmed Muneeb Mehta
    Rimsha Khalid
    Ayesha Serfraz
    Mohsin Raza
  7. Social Media Platforms as Optimal Modes for Translator Training
    Siddig Mohammed
    Wijdan Al Khalifah
  8. Second Language Acquisition: An Analysis of Phases in Saudi Arabia
    Appalal Attar
  9. A Corpus-based Analysis of Near Synonyms: The Case of Attack, Strike, Offensive, Aggression and Assault
    Aied Mutlaq Alenizi

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