Volume 3 December 2010

| November 29, 2010

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Foreword. Drs. Magno & Robertson
Article 1. Gonzales, Richard DLC. Motivational Orientation in Foreign language Learning. The Case of Filipino Language Learners
Article 2. Junfeng Xin & Rochelle Irene Lucas. Noun versus verb Bias in Mandarin- English Bilingual Pre-school Children 
Article 3. Toh, Glen. Good idea and Opinion Seem Not Important. Reflections on Student Conceptualizations of Academic Writing 
Article 4. Binghadeer, Nora. The Effect of Age and Input Enhancement on L2 Vowel Production. A Longitudinal Study 
Article 5. Yi-Ching Pan. Enhancing Student’s Communicative Competency and Test Taking Skills Through TOEIC Preparatory Materials 
Article 6. Magno, Carlo. The Effect of Scaffolding on Children’s Reading Speed, Reading Anxiety, and Reading Proficiency 
Article 7. Flores, Eden Regala. What Goes on in an English Classroom. A Look at how Grammar is Taught

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