The TESOL International Journal is a refereed publication which aims at providing free on-line access to all those involved in the research, teaching and learning of of English as an International Language. It has as its central theme of global EFL studies.

Our focus is wide and submissions may cover all dimensions of TESOL including teaching practices, teacher training, second language leaning, English as an international language and world English.

We invite articles that are research-based and also address practical issues related to how English is taught as an additional language in various EFL contexts.

We invite you to contribute to TESOL International Journal, access the site regularly and provide feedback on what you read.

Please note that TESOL International Journal was established in 2007 as TESOL Journal and bears the new name TESOL International Journal since 2014. TESOL International Journal, formerly TESOL Journal, is not a publication by TESOL organization.