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| December 18, 2013

Volume 8 Issue 1

Cover V3

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Foreword. Dr. Xinghua (Kevin) Liu

  1. Article 1. Rachel DeDeyn. Quantifying Identity:  An examination of the relationship between student subject positions and writing performance
  2. Article 2. Jayanthi Muniandy. Cognitive and Perceptual Learning Styles of Malaysian University ESL  Learners: A Sociocultural Approach
  3. Article 3. Narges Alipour Heidari. A Cross-cultural Study on Refusal Strategies between Australian Native Speakers and Iranian EFL Learners
  4. Article 4. Nicholas P Bradley. International Posture and Cultural Nationalism among Japanese University Students
  5. Article 5. Hadi Kashiha & Chan Swee Heng. Using Role-play to Enhance EFL Learners’ Long-term Retention and Recall of Idiomatic Expressions
  6. Article 6. Zhaochun Yin. The Success of Chinese EFL Learners’ Lexical Inferencing and the Subsequent Vocabulary Knowledge Acquisition
  7. Article 7. Fereidoon Vahdany Zeynab Haqiqi. The Study of Attitudinal Tendencies of the EFL Learners across Three Different Levels towards E-Learning System: A Case Study


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