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| December 2, 2012

Volume 7, December 2012 

Volume 7

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Foreword. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan

  1. Article 1. Eduardo Borlongan. A Comparison of the Reading Strategies Used by Good Readers in Print and Hypertext Environments: Implications and Recommendations for the Improvement of Reading Instructions
  2. Article 2. Joahna Mante-Estacio. Dimensions of Reading Motivation among Filipino Bilingguals.
  3. Article 3. Fahad Al-Rashidy. Determining the Role of Hedging Device in the Political Discourse of Two American Presidentiables in 2008.
  4. Article 4. Lina Tao and Rochelle Irene Lucas. The Effect of Age and Discourse Position Referential Adequacy on Filipino Bilingual Children’s Oral Narratives in Mandarin.
  5. Article 5. JooHyuk Lim. The Changing Bilingual Grammar A Quasi-Diachronic Investigation of the Syntactic Constraints of Tagalog-English Code-Switching Using a Grammaticality Judgment Test.
  6. Article 6. Arianne Macalingan Borlongan, JooHyuk Lim and Rachelle Edito O. Roxas. University Students’ Attitudes towards English-Tagalog Code-Switching in Classroom Instruction.
  7. Article 7. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan. Reflecting on the Use of Code-Switching in Philippine Education Today.


Volume 6 June 2012

Volume 6

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Foreword  Carlo Magno

Article 1. Dele Olufemi Akindele.  Enhancing Teamwork and Communication Skills Among First Year Students at the  University of Botswana

Article 2. Lasisi Ajayi.  How Teachers Deploy Multimodal Textbooks to Enhance English Language Learning

Article 3. Lloyd Barrow and Roy F. Fox.   An Analysis of TESOL Faculty Positions

Article 4. Chen, Hsueh Chu.  Hong Kong ESL Learners‟ Acquisition of English Stress and Assessment of an Online Tutori ng Programme

Article 5. Julian Cheng Chiang Chen and Jie Cheng.   Voices within Nonnative English Teachers: Their Self-Perceptions, Cultural Identity and Teaching  Strategies

Article 6. Li-szu Agnes Huang.   The Effectiveness of a Corpus-based Instruction in Deepening EFL Learners‟ Knowledge of Periphrastic  Causatives

7. Dare Owolabi.  Attaining linguistic proficiency in the EFL/ESL adult classroom through English for  Specific Purposes: The  Nigeria example

8. Grazyna Kilianska-Przybylo. “Stories from Abroad” – Students‟ Narratives about Intercultural Encounters

9. Ruiying Niu.  Commonalities and Discrepancies in L2 Teachers‟ Beliefs and Practices about Vocabulary Pedagogy: A  Small Culture Perspective

10. Glenn Toh.   “Authors‟ or “Animators‟: Encouraging Critique in Japanese English for Academic  Purpose Classes

11. Rahma Al-Mahrooqi.  An Investigation of Literature Teaching Methodologies at a Higher Educational Institution in Oman

12. Carlo Magno.  Recalling Foreign Vocabulary Words among Learners of ESL

Short Report

13. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan.   Classroom Practice: World Englishes and Revision in Academic Writing Instruction

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