Volume 14 Issue 1 2019

| May 23, 2019

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  1. Comparing Input and Output Tasks in EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition
    Gui Bao
  2. Profiling Performances of L2 Listenership: Examining The Effects of Individual Differences in The Japanese EFL Context
    Pino Cutrone
  3. English Language Teacher Agency in Classroom-based Empirical Studies: Research Synthesis
    Zhenjie Weng
    Jingyi Zhu
    Grace J. Y. Kim
  4. Multilingual, Middle-Eastern Students’ Varied Responses to Directive and Non-directive Strategies in Peer Tutoring
    Maria Eleftheriou
  5. Differential Allocation of Attention to Meaning and Form in Reading Comprehension for Monolingual and Bilingual Learners of English
    Mohammad Nabi Karimi
    Ebrahim Zangani
    Nahid Fallah
  6. Utilizing Textbook Adaptation Strategies: Experiences and Challenges of Novice and Experienced EFL Instructors
    Enisa Mede
    Şenel Yalçın


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