Volume 16 Issue 7 2021

| October 31, 2021

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  1. Language across Cultures: The Influence of Students’ Cultural Background on their
    Performances in EFL Speaking Class
    Santri E. P. Djahimo
    Malkisedek Taneo
  2. English Language Proficiency Level of Junior Students from a State University in the Philippines
    Abigail C. Gomez
    Anabella C. Gomez
  3. Causes of Problems in Learning English as a Second Language as Perceived by Higher Education Students
    Paul Fairclough
    Keow Ngang Tang
  4. The Effect of Types of Blended Learning Strategies on EFL Students` Achievements
    Elaf Riyadh Khalil
  5. The Effectiveness of Self-Regulated Strategy Development on Improving Students’ Narrative Text
    Writing Achievement

    Lamhot Naibaho
  6. Genre Analysis of Selected Graduate Research Abstracts
    Aris S. Balagtas
    Mee Jay A. Domingo
  7. Thai Tertiary Learners’ Composition Writing Performance and Self-Regulation towards EFL Writing Using
    Process – Oriented Approach

    Roderick Julian Robillos
    Ong-Art Namwong
  8. Lexical Inferencing Strategies in L1 and L2 through Think-Aloud
    Jimmylen Zuñiga-Tonio
    Melanie D. Cayabyab
  9. Bilingual Identity Crisis: Issues in Identity Formation and Language Learning in India
    Sayant Vijay
    Anupama Nayar CV
  10. Emerging Language in Facebook Threads of College Students
    Mee Jay A. Domingo
    Marlina L. Lino


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