Volume 4 June 2011

| June 29, 2011


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Foreword. Drs. Magno & Robertson

Article 1. Paulina M. Gocheco. An Analysis of Verb Groups in Legal Discourse: Implications for Teaching English for Specific Purposes

Article 2. Jose Cristina M. Parina. First Year College Students’ Perception of the Process Approach in Honing Critical Writing Skills 

Article 3. Ma. Joahna S. Mante. Speech and Thought Representation in Si Duglit Ang Dugong Makulit: A Story that Indigenizes Uni versal Scientific Principles for Children

Article 4. Dennis Herrera Pulido. A Systemic Functional Analysis of Philippine English Newspaper Editorials

Article 5. Carlo Magno &Karen Gayle Sison. Reading English Words Aloud: Will it help or will it not?

Article 6. Paolo Nino M. Valdez. English for Colonization, Neo-Colonization, and Globalization in the Philippines: Challenging Marginalization in the Profession 

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