Volume 11 Issue 1 2016

| June 12, 2016


Volume 11 Issue 1 2016

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  1. Foreword from the Editor
    Xinghua Liu
  2. The Transfer of Reading Rate Training to Other Texts
    Nat Carney
  3. Understanding the Interplay between Context and Agency
    in a South Korean High School English Classroom
    Dylan Glyn William
  4. Taiwanese College Teachers of English as Cultural Mediators
    Yu-ju Hung
  5. Teachers’ Stated Beliefs on Coded Unfocused Corrective Feedback in EFL Writing
    at a Saudi University
    Hamdan Farhan Alzahrani
  6. Language Functions in ESL Textbooks
    Janet S. Casta
    Esther R. Hufana
  7. Effects of Implementing Cooperative Learning Method (CLM) on Eleventh Graders’ Paragraph Writing
    Wondwosen Tesfamichael
  8. Stylistics in the Southeast Asian ESL or EFL Classroom:
    A Collection of Potential Teaching Activities
    Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales
    Eden R. Flores

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