Volume 15 Issue 4 2020

| December 7, 2020

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  1. Allowing or Refusing the Use of a Student’s Mother Tongue in an English Learning Classroom: An Explorative Study
    Abdullah Alshayban & Abdurrazzag Alghammas
  2. Exploring Reading Strategies Through Introspective and Retrospective Think-aloud Protocol
    Abdulkhaleq A. Al Qahtani
  3. Saudi EFL Affordances of One-pronged and Two-pronged Oral language Teaching Approaches: An Exploratory Study
    Waleed B. Al Abiky
  4. First Language Acquisition: A Quranic and Linguistic Perspective
    Mohammad Shariq
  5. Learner-Centered Language Learning Strategy in Digital Environment: Its Effect to Students’ Vocabulary, Collaboration and Independence
    Paiker Fatima Mazhar Hameed
  6. Students’ Attitudinal Effects of Product Writing Approach in the Saudi EFL Classroom
    Bashar Ragheb Hasan Odeh
  7. Reading Interest and Achievement Motivation: A Study in an EFL Context
    Ninuk Lustyantie & Fitria Aprilia
  8. EFL writing tasks and the application of the concept of situatedness: Evaluating the theoretical and practical aspects of the Saudi EFL context
    Arif Ahmed Al-Ahdal & Fahd Alqasham

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