Volume 2. June 2010

| November 29, 2010


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Foreword. Drs. Magno, Patil, Robertson & Borlongan 
Article 1. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan. On the Management of Innovations in English Language Teaching in the Philippines
Article 2.Devo Yilmaz Devrim and Yasemin Bayyurt. Students’ Understandings and Preferences of the Role and Place of ‘Culture’ in English Language Teaching: A Focus in an EFL context
Article 3. Leonisa A. Mojica. An Investigation on Self-Reported Writing Problems and Actual Writing Deficiencies of EFL Learners in the Beginners’ Level
Article 4.Carlo Magno. Korean Students’ Language Learning Strategies and Years of Studying English as Predictors of Proficiency in English
Article 5.Jennifer Tan-de Ramos. A Comparative Study of the Discourse Marker Types in the Body Section of the Research Papers of DLSU Students
Article 6.Levi McNeil. Beyond the Products of Higher-Order Questioning: How do Teacher and English- Language Learner Perceptions Influence Practice?
Article 7.Maria R. Coady and Cynthia Moore. Using Libros: The Emergent Bi-literacy Development of Spanish-speaking Children
Article 8.Ruth MH Wong. Mainland Students Learning English in Hong Kong: Does Place-of-origin Affect Motivation?
Article 9.Jonathan Ivy and Eyad Al-Fattal. Marketing Private EFL Programs in Damascus
Article 10.Ahlam Al-Harbi. Mother Tongue Maintenance and Second Language Sustenance: A Two-Way Language Teaching Method
Article 11.Norman Fewell. Language learning strategies and English language proficiency: an investigation of Japanese EFL university students
Article 12.Shigeru Ozaki. High-Stakes Tests and Educational Language Policy in Japan: An Analysis of the National Center English Test from the Viewpoint of Education for International Understanding
Article 13.Maher M. Fattash. Congruity or Disparity: Teachers’ Assessment of the New Palestinian English Language School Curriculum

Short Report
14. Wang Ping. A Case Study of an In-class Silent Postgraduate Chinese Student in London Metropolitan University: a Journey of Learning.

15. Call for Papers for the June 2011 Special Issue on Globalization and TESOL in Asia

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